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W H O.  I S.  G R A N A D A.  G A L L E R Y. ?


Granada Gallery (GG) is not your ordinary “Art” gallery. 

A passion for science° and the drive to promote research° has always been the foundation of Granada Gallery.

Over many years this lead to a comprehensive fossil^, mineral^ and gemstone collection, together with the acquisition of numerous fossil and mineral excavation sites* all over the world. Merging these fields with art & design, showcasing Nature as the ultimate creator, allows us to promote higher knowledge and education, sparked by curiosity and wonder. 

° Scientific approach, working together with international museums and scientific institutions on various exhibitions and collaborations, supported by Granada’s own team of distinguished paleontologists and gemmologists.



* Mines and dig sites owned and operated around the world, GG’s excavation efforts are conducted under the principle of sustainability and ecological responsibility to ensure safe working conditions the natural balance of the environment.



^ A top segment collection of dinosaur fossil specimens, flora and fauna fossilsand some of the rarest mineralson earth. Through the leasing of single objects or featured exhibitions, the Gallery brings a wide range of scientific specimens to many different museums and venues, supporting scientific projects and creating a symbiosis between upcoming contemporary artists inspired by natural design.

The vision of GG is not selling pieces but gaining and sharing knowledge to educate each individual that has a heart for Natural History. As well giving artists an opportunity to use natures finest treasures into their artworks and share this natural history knowledge on a different level.


Granada Gallery moves with ease between the worlds of science, art and design. Over the last several years they have been a fixed feature in shows and pop-ups surrounding Art Basel Miami, TEFAF Maastricht, or at events such as Summit LA and Bombay Beach Biennale. 


The Gallery follows this approach through a multitude of projects, bringing unique natural history objects like minerals, gems, crystals, fossils and dinosaurs to non-traditional, contemporary platforms - such as an art show – to show that beauty and creativity can go together with scientific and natural appreciation and spark meaningful conversation at the same time. 

W H A T.  I S.  G R A N A D A.  G A L L E R Y. ?


The concept of Granada Gallery is to blend geological relevance with contemporary design objects, and modern art with the breathtaking memory of evolution. GG works with artists from all over the world that are inspired by GG or the use of objects (fossils, minerals, gemstones...) provided by GG.


The main key words would be: Granada Gallery – Natural history – Art – Design - Science 


W H E R E .  I S.  G R A N A D A.  G A L L E R Y. ?


Granada Gallery is located all over the world, but the headquarters are located in Belgium, Germany, Swiss, USA and China. GG has a few galleries people can visit, but it’s only by appointment.

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