"Natural History"

We all experienced hard times during the Covid-19 circumstances and we hope that each one of you will come out stronger.

To help you to keep your spirits up, we teamed up with Relais Chateau Hotel La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken - Belgium, to organise a Natural History Experience inside this beautiful 5 star premium hotel. 

The main goal of the Natural History concept is to bring highly unique and mesmerizing fossils, minerals, meteorites etc closer to people who are interested in art and beautiful objects.

These objects are top museum quality. 

We are happy to welcome you!

   We have taken our precautionary measures so that everyone is safe and stays safe. 

MIAMI 2019

"Art Basel Miami Beach"

Granada Gallery and Jochen Leën teamed up with Avant Mining and Jason Jacques Gallery to mesmerize you at one of the most beautiful locations in Miami during Art Basel Miami. The Prairie House or "the Concrete House on Stilts" created by Architect Rene Gonzalez was this years location for the after-Art-Basel-Events. 

"Sanctuary" was our theme this year which represented a divine space where art and nature meet to heal the spirit in direct reaction to the madness of Art Basel Miami. The perfect combination given by several artists around the world and accompanying minerals will take away the buzz of the day.

The focus this year was Mozambiques precious stones: Paraíba Tourmalines. 



"Skully Art Collection Presentation"

November 8, 9 and 10, Skully Gin presented the Skully Art Collection at 'The Philips Estate' in Eindhoven. During the 3-day event, international guests were treated to a unique art exhibition, including a world record, combined with culinary masterpieces and innovations.

The highlight of the exhibition was a Piece Unique created by Belgian jewellery designer Jochen Leën, Granada Gallery and Skully Gin. A flawless 65.17 carat Paraíba Tourmaline in a white gold setting was placed inside a 450cl bottle of Skully Gin, creating the most expensive bottle of Gin in the world. The specific Paraíba used, belongs to the top 7 most exclusive Paraíbas in the World. With Paraíba being more rare and expensive than Diamond, this unique Skully Gin bottle is valued at 7 numbers.

Apart from the 65.17 carat Paraíba Tourmaline, Jochen Leën and Granada Galleries created an exceptional atmosphere using other geological treasures from the Granada Gallery collection. Three authentic prehistoric dinosaur skeletons and other fossils were on display inside and outside the exhibition.



"World Championship Jumping for Young Horses"

During the Jumping World Breeding Championship for Young Horses at Zangersheide we presented 3 of our most exquisite Gogottes accompanied with a large Pecten.



"Renegate Natural History Museum"

The Bombay Beach Biennale took place on the shores of the Salton Sea in California. Specifically for this renegade art event Granada Gallery in collaboration with Avant Mining and Carrie Schmidt created the ‘’Natural History Museum’’. The exhibit invited viewers to reflect on the history of our planet and how life evolved, ultimately leading us to understand our own vulnerability as a species - encouraging us to reevaluate our joint actions with respect to our planet. The installation added to a fill of artistically reinterpretated cultural institutions, museums and venues that are spread throughout Bombay Beach in an effort to create something positive in this tiny town and revitalize the region along the Salton Sea. The event was brought to life in 2015 to raise awareness to the array of environmental and sociopolitical problems that have plagued the once prosperous region for decades.



"Art in Residence"

We were honored to display our treasures "Wooly" the Mammoth, Gogottes from Fontainebleau and a Camptosaurus at the opening weekend of GloArt Belgium.


"Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show"

Originating in Tucson, the world‘s biggest platform for mineral and fossil trade, Granada Gallery has supplied the international art scene with extraordinary works of Fine Natural Design since 2013. Our concept is to blend geological relevance with contemporary design objects, and modern art with the breathtaking memory of evolution. 


"Silent Knowledge"

The extended Design Hotels community gathered in Copenhagen for an especially meaningful conference in 2018, one marking the 25th anniversary of the organization. The theme of the October conference was built around “Silent Knowledge”.

Taking place at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, a modernist architectural landmark was filled with an unorthodox array of performances, and discussions

From multi-media trend briefing by leading forecasters The Future Laboratory, to talks by Swedish economist Kjell Nordström and world-champion boxer Wladimir Klitschko to a stirring performance by the Iranian-Israeli duo Ariana Vafadari and Hadas Kleinman, the agenda was certainly one to be remembered.

L.A. SUMMIT 2018

"Downtown Los Angeles"

For the world’s preeminent ideas festival, Granada Gallery partnered up with Summit Series - hosting a wide range of talks, performances, wellness classes, art installations, gourmet food, and experiences designed to foster relationships and inspire new perspectives.

MIAMI 2018

"Scientific treasures meet Art"

Granada Gallery’s motivation was to bring a unique assortment of natural treasures and showcase them in the most art-centric and contemporary setting imaginable. 

We were intrigued “by the idea of bringing prehistoric specimens to this platform and confronting them with the often short lived, hyper trend-orientated pop-art culture.” 

Not to degrade them to simply objects of decor, but to show that beauty and inspiration can go together with scientific and natural appreciation and spark meaningful conversation at the same time.

MIAMI 2017

"Remembering our past for a better future"

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